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Contact: joycemarieroth@yahoo.com,
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Blue Flag What's it worth? That is the question that many people ask themselves regarding their antiques. Curiosity is one reason to have your valuables appraised. Perhaps you need a professional valuation of your property during estate planning, or maybe you are in the middle of divorce negotiations and need to determine a fair distribution of assets. Whatever the case may be, having a qualified appraiser is vital! I am a nationally certified appraiser who will work diligently to provide thorough, well-researched fair market appraisals. Please call, email or stop in to see me at Reed's Antiques & Collectibles (located at 1773 Post Road in Wells, Maine) for a FREE consultation. 

I provide professional Antique Appraisals for insurance, estate and personal purposes. All appraisals are conducted by strictly adhering to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP). 

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